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Thextension - Graphic Design Consultants - Hastings, UK. Specialising in book design.
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Survivors from a Torpedoed Ship

13 May Seafaring

Seafaring brings together more than fifty works by British artists from 1820 to the present day....

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28 Sep Duncan Grant: 1920

This delightful exhibition, appropriately sited at Charleston, home to many of the Bloomsbury set, recreates Grant’s first solo show at the Paterson-Carfax Gallery, London in 1920....

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28 Jun Seaside Modern

Seaside Modern Hastings Contemporary reopens with a delightful look at the the British seaside...

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14 May We Live in Worrying Times

Earlier this year, before the coronavirus pandemic, Quentin Blake began producing a new body of work themed around concern for the state of the world....

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