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Thextension - Graphic Design Consultants - Hastings, UK. Specialising in book design.
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Edward Bawden

About This Project

Edward Bawden

This delightful exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery showcases some of Bawden’s best-loved work from an illustrious career as illustrator, printmaker, designer and artist.

Grouped into categories such as ‘World Off-Duty’, ‘Gardening’ and ‘Fable & Fantasy’, the titles alone hint at the breadth of his interest, and his skill as a draughtsman and innovator still delight. The work has a freshness and a gentle humour that appears to come from a less troubled age. Although perhaps it wasn’t?

Less well-known portraits from his years as a war artist are an unexpected highlight, showing acute observation and a profound humanity. A revelation!