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Thextension - Graphic Design Consultants - Hastings, UK. Specialising in book design.
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21 Mar Tattoo Miscellany

Tattoo Miscellany Edited by Lal Hardy In this extraordinary book London tattoo legend Lal Hardy reveals the fascinating world of tattoo, past and present. With a wealth of previously unpublished photographs, stories and anecdotes, Tattoo Miscellany showcases many unique and valuable items of tattoo culture. Chapters on historical stencils, customised machines, traditional hand-tools, collector’s cards, toys, ornaments, T-shirts, tattoo legends, and rare ephemera of all kinds, bring a rare insight into this hidden world. Thoughtfully designed by Thextension. To be published by Robinson in May 2017...

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25 Jan Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral Chester Cathedral became a cathedral as a result of Henry VIII’s establishment of the Anglican church and his dissolution of the monasteries in 1541. This new book tells the story of the cathedral and acts as a guide to the buildings and their treasures. Eruditely written, and beautifully designed by Thextension, the book is copiously illustrated with many new and specially commissioned photographs and plans. To be published by Scala Arts & Heritage in the Spring of 2017...

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Pig Pink

01 Oct The Bacon Jam Cookbook

The Bacon Jam Cookbook It’s a proper pig out ‘Eat 17’s Bacon Jam has become a cult phenomenon and is available in shops and delis all over the UK and beyond, including Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. ‘A story of remarkable entrepreneurial success – how two young brothers took a run-down corner shop and turned it into a world-class brand. ‘A small, beautiful* hardback cookbook, jam-packed with quirky recipes from a range of chefs and independent food manufacturers.’ *Beautifully designed by Thextension. 160 pages, full-colour hb To be published by Robinson (Little Brown Book Group) on 17 November 2016...

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14 Jul Artisan Books

Artisan Books Hurtwood Press Limited ‘Artisan Books have been carefully devised for artists, designers, photographers and creative professionals. Beautifully printed on archival paper, hand bound and thread sewn. From one copy to as many as your creative spirit desires.’ Over the last six months Thextension have been working on the development and promotion of three new sizes of Artisan Book, together with the nine choices of cloth binding available. Design, copywriting and art direction by Andrew Barron at Thextension

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15 May Vauxhall

Vauxhall Model by Model from 1903 Eric Dymock Dove Publishing Standard hardback print run plus 25 presentation copies, each in a slipcase embellished with an authentic Vauxhall badge ‘Vauxhall, Model by Model from 1903 shows the confidence of a company integral to British Industry, well into its second century. It is a study of the oldest make of car in the United Kingdom, and one of the oldest in the world with a continuous history of manufacture. Vauxhall started life on Thames-side Lambeth and in the 1920s went together with General Motors, by the 21st century the first car maker on the planet to reach 500 million vehicles.’...

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15 May Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral The Biography of a Great Building Jonathan Foyle Published in 2015 by Scala Arts & Heritage Architectural historian and broadcaster Jonathan Foyle regards Lincoln Cathedral as an old and valued friend and writes with deep knowledge and passion about the developing character of the building. Illustrated with specially commissioned photography, archival images and the author’s own plans and drawings, Lincoln Cathedral documents the changing life of a great work of architecture....

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15 May The Dashboard Volume 1

The Dashboard Volume I Lucinda Lewis Published by Car Culture ‘The Dashboard doesn’t resemble any book I’ve ever made before. It’s hand-made, with quality like some of the coachbuilt cars portrayed on its pages. In a limited edition of 25 sets, presented in a hand-made archival clam-shell box. Designed by Thextension and produced by Artisan Books. The resulting collectable edition is a piece of craftsmanship. Definitely Better than a Box of Chocolates.’ Lucinda Lewis Car Culture

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15 May British Library Crime Classics

British Library Crime Classics A series of book covers for the British Library, London, 2012 to date ‘The style of these novels is deliciously dry and dated, but that brings with it a certain charm. There is certainly no gore, but there is plenty of vintage good stuff to enjoy.’  The Lady Crime classics republished for the first time since the 1930s carry splendid ‘period-piece covers’ based on contemporary poster illustrations. A wonderful series to read and to collect!...

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15 May The Mammoth Book of Skulls

The Mammoth Book of Skulls Edited by Ilya Published in Summer 2014 by Robinson in England, and by Running Press in the US. ‘An extraordinary collection of the most engaging and intriguing images of the skull from around the world, this book presents a visual feast of the ultimate doom-laden icon.’ ‘Art skulls, designer skulls, illustrated skulls, skulls in fashion and jewellery, in cartoons and on super heroes, tattooed on the body and sprayed in the street, and as the definitive rock ‘n’ roll symbol. An endlessly fascinating collection carefully curated and presented.’ The third book from the Mammoth series to have been designed by Thextension....

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05 Mar Dangerous Thoughts

Dangerous Thoughts A political thriller based on the trial of Yuri Orlov Film proposal fundraiser Yuri Orlov was a prominent nuclear physicist, a Soviet dissident, and a human rights activist. In 1978, after a show trial in Moscow, he was sentenced to ten years in a Siberian Labour Camp. Orlov was freed in 1986, only to be stripped of his Soviet citizenship and deported to the United States as a part of an exchange for a Soviet spy. He is now a Professor of Physics at Cornell University....

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