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Thextension - Graphic Design Consultants - Hastings, UK. Specialising in book design.
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15 Sep The Keto Slow Cooker

The Keto Slow Cooker Sarah Flower Sarah Flower is a leading nutritionist and author, passionate about a healthy lifestyle and a keen advocate of the sugar-free and low-carb way of eating. The Keto Slow Cooker – the third book that Thextension have designed for Sarah, explains what the ketogenic way of eating is, providing helpful menu plans and beautifully illustrated lists of essential store cupboard foods. Gorgeous photography accompanies each delicious recipe! The perfect keto cookbook for busy people who want to live a healthier lifestyle using their slow cooker. To be published by Robinson in November 2020....

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25 Jun How to Cook the Victorian Way

How to Cook the Victorian Way with Mrs Crocombe How to Cook the Victorian Way is the definitive guide to the life, times and tastes of a Victorian cook. Avis Crocombe really did exist – she was head cook at Audley End House from about 1878 to 1884. Her handwritten cookery book was passed down through her family for generations and rediscovered by a distant relative in 2009. It’s a remarkable read, and her recipes give us a wonderful window into a world of flavour from 140 years ago. Beautifully designed by Thextension, this book features recipes along with a transcription of Avis’s original manuscript, plus fascinating insights into daily life at Audley End. To be published by English Heritage in September 2020 ...

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27 Apr Really Wild Cycling

Really Wild Cycling by Chris Sidwells This is a book for anyone who loves to ride off the beaten track in Britain’s stunning countryside. Most rides take only a few hours, whilst others take even the fittest several days! The rides are graded in ascending difficulty within each region. Some rides are on marked routes, like the Trans-Pennine Trail, some are races, while others are mapped out by the author himself. Each ride is illustrated with photos, an annotated map, a profile of the terrain and OS grid references. This is the second of Chris Sidwell’s books to have been designed by Thextension. It will be published in June 2020 by Robinson, and we wish it every success!...

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01 Mar Vegan(ish)

Vegan(ish) 100 simple budget recipes that don’t cost the earth Jack Monroe ‘This full-colour collection of one hundred simple, affordable recipes is perfect for committed vegans or anyone who wants to give vegan cooking a try. Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this gorgeous book is sure to appeal – whether you are looking to take the leap, want to be a little kinder to the planet, need ideas to cook for a vegan friend, or simply want to put some more plant power in your everyday cooking.’ Vegan(ish) is the third of Jack Monroe’s books to have been designed by Thextension. Published on 26 December 2019 by Bluebird, we wish it every success!...

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01 Sep The Adventures of Azuki the Miniature Hedgehog

The Adventures of Azuki the Miniature Hedgehog Shuichi Tsunoda Shuichi Tsunoda, a Tokyo-based commercial photographer and Azuki’s owner, started an Instagram account for his pet hedgehog in 2016, and a star was born. Hedgehog_azuki currently has over 400,000 avid followers … The Adventures of Azuki the Miniature Hedgehog is a perfectly-formed, tiny gift book for anyone who clicks on Cute Overload for a break from the news, and for Azuki and his daughter Monaka’s still-growing fan base. Designed by Thextension The Adventures of Azuki the Miniature Hedgehog was published in September 2019 by Robinson, London....

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07 Apr Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens Monty Don & Derry Moore Monty Don and Derry Moore travelled to Japan in both spring and autumn, and this book guides us through some of the history and beauty of Japanese gardens in these spectacular seasons. Monty Don also explores the creative forms uniquely associated with Japanese gardens from stonemasonry and ikebana, to the intricate skill of bonsai. Stunningly photographed by Derry Moore, Japanese Gardens is a fascinating exploration of a unique relationship with gardens. The perfect complement to the BBC2 series, Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens. Published by Two Roads in Spring 2019....

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20 Jan The Atlas of Happiness

The Atlas of Happiness Helen Russell From the bestselling author of The Year of Living Danishly, an entertaining, reassuring and charmingly written trip around the world, discovering the secrets of happiness from 30 countries. From Australia to Wales, via Bhutan, Ireland, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Japan, and many more, The Atlas of Happiness uncovers the global secrets to happiness, and how they can change our lives. Beautifully illustrated by Naomi Wilkinson, and elegantly designed by Thextension. ‘It’s a delight’ Grazia Published by Two Roads, an imprint of John Murray Press....

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24 Sep Frida Kahlo

You Are Always With Me Letters to Mama Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo is regarded as one of Mexico’s greatest painters: her extraordinary personal style, her tragic story, her relationship with Diego Rivera, and her passionate paintings have made her a cult figure since she died over sixty years ago. But beyond the familiar images there is a private story about a daughter who confided in her beloved mama. Now, for the first time, fifty of these letters are published in English. Elegantly and thoughtfully designed by Thextension. Published by Virago to coincide with the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A....

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24 Jul The Tin & Traybake Cookbook

The Tin & Traybake Cookbook Sam Gates Enthusiastically written by Sam Gates – author, cookery teacher, TV guru and mum, The Tin & Traybake Cookbook shows how the six most popular baking tins can be used to create delicious baking, freezing, setting and roasting dishes for every occasion. Inventively styled, mouth-wateringly photographed, and of course elegantly designed, this new title will surely become a kitchen essential. The Blueberry Tart with Granola Crust is already a family favourite! To be published by Robinson in October 2018....

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17 Apr Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens Monty Don & Derry Moore ‘In the Islamic tradition a garden, with its central elements of water, the scent of fruit trees, and places for rest and reflection, celebrates heaven on earth – it is paradise. Monty Don and acclaimed photographer, Derry Moore, journey through six countries visiting spectacular and rarely seen gardens, from the Real Alcazar in Seville, the Maidan in Isfahan and the Amber Palace in Jaipur. This glorious book has been published to coincide with the BBC TV series of the same name. An absolute pleasure to design! Published by Two Roads in March 2018....

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