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Thextension - Graphic Design Consultants - Hastings, UK. Specialising in book design.
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02 Mar My Secret Garden Alan Titchmarsh

My Secret Garden Alan Titchmarsh Alan Titchmarsh is Britain’s most famous gardener, but very few people have ever seen the private garden he has created at his home in the Hampshire countryside – no magazines, no television programmes and no photographs have appeared anywhere. Now, for the first time, he has opened this personal paradise up to the world. Renowned photographer and close friend Jonathan Buckley has been charting the evolution of Alan’s garden over the years, and his wonderful new photographs bring this magical retreat to life. Published by BBC Books, an imprint of Ebury Publishing....

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The Royal Arms

02 Mar Royal Palaces

To celebrate the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Souvenir guides to the Royal Palaces ‘These fully revised official souvenir guides, published by Scala in partnership with the Royal Collection to mark the Diamond Jubilee, include titles on the magnificent palaces and residences, the finest working stables in existence, the largest doll’s house in the world, and on the enthralling history of the royal line of succession. Written by specialist authors including the curators of the Royal Collection, beautifully illustrated and containing details of the works of art, the architecture, stories of occupants, photographs and plans, each book gives a fascinating insight into these famous sites, their history and contents.’...

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02 Mar Russia:

Russia: A World Apart Simon Marsden & Duncan McLaren ‘Here in photographs and words are the results of three different trips to the Moscow and St Petersburg regions, a diverse mix of pre-revolutionary buildings and memorials, manor houses, palaces, churches, statuary and tombs. Each picture tells its own tale of what has been lost and what survives … these ruins give us a tangible sense of the past. Their history is everywhere, it seeps into the soil like rain or snow or blood to remind us of our fragile existence.’ SM This book contains the last set of pictures taken by Simon Marsden before he died.

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Love letters

02 Mar Love Letters

Love Letters 2000 years of romance The British Library ‘Letters that reveal raw emotions such as joyous or unrequited love are gold dust’ The Telegraph ‘The first ever anthology to reproduce original love letters in each of the writers’ own hand.’ ‘Drawing on the British Library’s archives, the selection ranges from ancient Egypt to 20th-century England. The facsimiles of the manuscripts are revealing: quirks of handwriting, deletions, tear stains, expressive doodles. Carefully constructed or dashed out in passionate haste, these intimate missives celebrate Eros in its many facets: infatuation, companionship, heartbreak and loss.’ The Lady Magazine...

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02 Mar George Catlin American Indian Portraits

George Catlin American Indian Portraits National Portrait Gallery, London During the 1830s Pennsylvanian-born artist George Catlin documented the Native American peoples and their way of life. The resulting portraits have become one of the most extensive, evocative and important records of indigenous peoples ever made. Catlin was also an entrepreneur and a showman and, inspired by his encounters, he created an ‘Indian Gallery’ that toured America and Europe during the next ten years. This book, and the exhibition it accompanies, showcases over fifty of these portraits, and will be the first time that they have been seen together outside America since returning there in the 1850s. First published in March 2013 for the opening of the exhibition....

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02 Mar Vampires: The Twilight World

Vampires: The Twilight World Sir Simon Marsden ‘This hauntingly beautiful book from the master of gothic imagery is the essential guide to the lore and landscapes of the vampire.’ ‘Using infrared film to convey the ethereal atmosphere of his subjects, Sir Simon Marsden has travelled from Germany to the United States, Slovakia to Scotland as he hunts out the vampires of myth and literature, and real individuals suspected of vampirism. His images include sites of perennial fascination, such as Vlad Dracul’s ruined palace in the wilderness of Romania, and the Etruscan city of Volterra in Italy, home to Twilight’s ancient vampire coven.' The Twilight World was published in Germany by Knesebeck and in the UK by Palazzo Editions....

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02 Mar The Mammoth Book of New Tattoo Art

The Mammoth Book of New Tattoo Art Edited by Lal Hardy Robinson Publishers, London, 2014 ‘The best recent tattoos and artwork of seventy of the world’s leading tattoo artists.’ ‘Over 500 full-colour photographs reveal how tattoo styles are changing, influenced by the use of computer-generated art in addition to traditional pencils, markers, ink and paint. The book also highlights the work of the best of the ever-increasing number of female tattoo artists.’ The second book from the Mammoth series to have been designed by Thextension....

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02 Mar The Story of Philosophy

The Story of Philosophy James Garvey and Jeremy Stangroom ‘The Story of Philosophy sees philosophy for what it is: a passionate, exhilarating quest for human understanding that cannot be reduced to dry categories or simple definitions. Rigorous, refreshingly free of academic jargon, highly accessible, and profusely illustrated with contemporary paintings and artifacts, this is the ideal introduction for anyone who wants to gain a new perspective on philosophy’s deepest mysteries and most intriguing discoveries.’ Published in the UK by Quercus and in the US by Barnes & Noble....

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Medieval Cats

02 Mar Medieval Cats

Medieval Cats Kathleen Walker-Meikle The British Library This charming book features an array of fascinating images of cats in medieval manuscripts, often completely incidental to the text they illustrate. Cats can be seen in domestic situations fighting dogs, chasing mice, and basking by the hearth, and also in fantastic settings where they fight duels using bows and arrows, stand on their hind legs to play the tambor, and travel under the sea in a bathysphere with Alexander the Great! Thextension are pleased to have designed this beautifully illustrated book, and have enjoyed a most fruitful relationship with the British Library, helping produce many acclaimed titles over the last few years....

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02 Mar Sir John Cass’s Foundation Tercentenary

‘For the poor children of London’ A brief life and history of Sir John Cass and Sir John Cass’s Foundation Published in 2010 to celebrate the tercentenary of the founding of Sir John Cass’s Foundation. 192 pages, full colour paperback in slip case, plus 25 boxed presentation copies bound in full leather....

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